To break an ice, you need to talk. Speak up. Express it. Flush it all out. It doesn’t matters how you do it, right? In all our lives till now, there must have been a certain point of time when we just don’t need anyone. But the most, that we need is us. OUR OWN SELVES. Yes that’s when we need to talk to our selves.

It’s true that no one ever knows you the best than yourself. Consciously or unconsciously, we know our plus points, weaknesses, we do understand each and everything about ourself. This has always been a pure, reviving and enlightening aid for me, A TALK TO MY SELF! Especially, when the things around me aren’t going well, or people around me are going too toxic for me. So what you can do is just spend some alone time with your self, share your feelings, your opinions, your thoughts, your situations, just like a child that innocently runs to her mother and cries out about the fight that happened at school with her best friend!

The beauty of this whole process is its purity of being honest, you face your true self without any filters, without being diplomatic. Because its you, there is no place for fears or hurting anyone, its simply you. I personally love embracing all kinds of emotions I go through during this time of mine. This helps me to discover different versions of mine, accept who I am and the changes that I have gone through. You will be surprised to find your self a canvas of all the different shades of this world. You can find your lover, a best friend, a stranger, even a hater in you. And trust me, you are the best expert adviser of yours. Because at the end what matters is our own happiness! But there is one hindrance of this whole self talk thing, you cannot always be correct. You will do mistake, you may also regret, but common thats the whole point of living a life! Right? You got to learn, you have to enjoy this journey of yours with your best companion, your partner in crime, YOUR TRUE SELF SINCE ETERNITY!

So, once in a while you can just go out on a date, hang out with yourself, pamper yourself and have fun. Then see the magic of self love which will be always there for you, no matter what happens.


Sitting at dusk near the pane,
With her favourite mug of hot black coffee.
Perfectly blended coffee and well stirred sugar cubes.

With each little sips of coffee,
Memories were getting breath new lives in her mind,
Her dark sparkling big eyes were still living those reminiscenes.

A strand of her brown hair gently touched her pink cheeks;
As if to call her back from those longings of her
Gracefully she tucked it behind her soft small ears,
carved utterly for her delicate face.

With an another refreshing sip and deep breathe;
There she was at her dearest corner near the window pane 
But little you know, she had her blinded eyes and sighted imagination;
Waiting for the light of the darkness!